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Sonic Drive In

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  • ha ha - i saw the name of this thread and LOL'd - i would never ever ever ever ever eat at sonic.  i would forage for grubs and berries if my only other option was sonic.  3 out of my 4 kids worked there and (even before i was dx'd) they have no clue on how to keep you safe.  the place is known for getting orders out fast fast fast - carhops and staff are timed!!  even if somebody did have a good knowledge of gluten-free, some other high school kid working there would spread crumbs on your stuff in a rush to get orders out.  the ice cream?  seriously?  

no!  no sonic!  sonic bad!


Lol! I would forage for grubs and berries too, ha. The place is a NIGHTMARE. You cannot eat at a sonic without getting gluten. The shakes ARE NOT SAFE. Maybe the cokes, but why bother because you'll just be tempted to get chili cheese tots or some other atrocity.

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I live in Shawnee Oklahoma where sonic originated.  we have 5 sonics in my town!!  I usually get limeades( cherry, strawberry), cherry vanilla dr. Pepper, and I have drank a couple of slushes.  Also have drank Coke.  I eat sonic blasts and have never gotten sick.  The only food I have ever eaten there was tater tots and I got sicker than a dog 5 minutes into eating.  I never even thought about them cooking those in the same Fryer as rings.  I will stick to blasts and drinks.  I have also drank shakes and never gotten sick.  While I am writing this my wife is getting us blasts!!!  

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