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Homemade Sandwich Cookie Recipe

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I was craving a candy bar yesterday, but am currently staying away from dairy... so I made these up instead.

40 Envirokidz vanilla animal cookies (you all know.. the flat square ones)

1/4 c. (or more) chocolate chips -- I used Enjoy Life dairy free chips

1 tsp. shortening (NOT butter)


peanut butter or

any jam/fruit preserve of choice (maybe strawberry or cherry or orange marmalade...mmm)

I bet caramel or marshmallow would be good, too!

1. Place animal cookies out on parchment paper on a large plate or small cookie sheet.

2. Spread your favorite filling on 20 of the cookies. Use remaining cookies as the top half of the sandwich. Be sure to press down well. I found the fruit cookies didn't stay together as well as the pb ones.

3. Pour chocolate chips out into small saucepan or pot. Begin melting chips over low heat, stirring in the shortening until smooth and silky. This does not take too long.

4. Remove from heat and place cookies carefully into chocolate until well coated. If the fruit ones fall apart, just drizzle chocolate over them (and down the sides) instead of dipping.

5. Once fully coated with chocolate, let them firm up in the fridge or freezer.

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Great idea. Thanks for posting it.


gluten free 4/06

casein free 7/06

DQ1, DQ8

Daughter (11) gluten free 5/06, casein free 6/06

Daughter (9) gluten free 3/06, casein free 7/06, soy free, trying peanut free


gluten lite on and off since 1999

All dx'ed by Enterolab

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