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Ds Gained 3 Lbs!

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I took DS to the doctor a couple of weeks ago and he gained 3 lbs since last time he was there (sometime in late Sept or early Oct). He even went up a few percentiles in height and weight. The doctor even said that he was starting to fill out (his legs are a little thicker). I have noticed that his clothes are starting to get small on him.

And DD lost a couple of lbs. She wasn't too skinny like most of the other kids on this board. She is still a little short for her age, but she was starting to get a big belly (she couldn't wear any jeans). A couple of people even commented that she was starting to look chunky (some even in front of her face....I thought that was really rude!). I was telling DS to weight himself (at home) and then she asked if she could weigh herself. She lost a couple of lbs since going to the doctor. I didn't really say anything about it since I don't want her to worry about her weight, but I was secretly a little happy. I have noticed that she hasn't been as addicted to refined carbs since she went gluten free. Just wanted to share with people who understand ;)

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I understand your excitement!! We self-diagnosed as this is not something the doctor looks for and my 2 year old has gained 6 lbs and 4 1/2 inches in the last several months! Isn't it great not to be worried about your children all the time?

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