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Celiac Cure.... A Possible Pill To Cure Celiac

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just GI symptoms, and i have never tried after glutened. i always take before eating out. i get very minor queasiness and i know of CC and feel thankful for the pill.

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I might have to give it a shot the next time we go to on one of those trips. What name do your's go by. I've heard of Glutenease and Glutenzyme.


The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

~Chinese Proverb

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hi nancy

i use kirkman labs DPP-IV Forte. it says the activity is 60,000 HUT.

i saw glutenease at the store the other day, when i run out of what i have i was going to try it.

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Then there's also the case of the British drug company who did phase 1 trials of a drug designed to block the immune system (to help deal with autoimmune diseases and cancers) which showed no negative side-effects in apes, but nearly killed six of the seven healthy volunteers (elephantosis, kidney, liver, heart, lung and pancreatic damage, and ended up in comas!!) - three of whom now (six months later) have late-stage cancer as a direct side-effect of the trial. We know much less about the human body, immune system and genetic code than we like to think we do.

Yes, I posted this a long time ago...

Fere libenter homines id quod volunt credunt. (JC, De Bello Gallico Liber III/XVIII)

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I guess I don't get real excited when a "cure" or pill is in the near future... I was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes in 1986 and at that time they figured a"cure" was imminent...well here we are 21 years later.......the only cure involves islet cell transplants and you need immune suppressents for that "cure". Diabetes has been researched for years and they still dont know how to stop the immune process from destroying islet cells.

I agree with posters being concerned about side effects from pills...the body is an fine tuned machine. We all know that a food intolerance can wreak havoc ...more so celiac where the immune system goes into high gear against it's host. What will this pill do?

So they found Zonulin affects the intestinal barrier - do they know what else it does?

Autoimmune diseases are tricky bunch - it involves T cells, thymus glands, genetic markers, and the elusive trigger to get it all going.

The proven treatment is to avoid gluten - yes it's a pain and it can be expensive.

The proven treatment for diabetes is insulin (Type 1) ...a bigger pain and expensive.

Systemic Lupus - treat symtoms - no pill or diet can treat it completely because it affects so many organs (including the skin)

MS - ongoing mystery - affects some more than others progresses rapidly or slowly..

Autoimmune hepatitis - treatment is steroids/immune suppressents... whack of side effects there.

and on and on for the long list of autoimmune disorders...

Maybe I am "defeatest"..oh well... I am not going to get all excited about some miracle cure. I will keep truckin along with what I've got and be glad for the good days and hope one day they figure out how to stop the immune system from "attacking self".

Maybe I think differently because I am not going to get my kids all wound up - "they may have a pill soon!" Only to end up 21 years later taking the same "treatment"..... perhaps I do resent being given false hope years ago and then when my son was diagnosed -we were told (again)...a cure is around the corner...so my son comes home thinking by the time he's 16, he wont need insulin. Um, dont think so.........



Type 1 diabetes - 1986

hypothyroid -1993

pernicious anemia

premature atrial beats



daughter is: age 15

central hypotonia and developmental delay

balance issues (rides an adult 3 wheel bike)

hypothyroid 1996

dermatographia - a form of angioedema 2002

celiac 2004 - by endoscopy

diagnosed Aspergers at age 7 - responded very well (HUGE difference) to gluten-free diet

recovered from Kawasaki (2003)

lactose intolerant - figured out in Oct/06

Gilberts syndrome (April/07)

allergy to stinging insects

scoliosis Jan 2008

nightshade intolerance - figured out April 2008

allergy to Sulfa antibiotics

son is 13

type 1 diabetic - 2003 diagnosed on his 9th birthday

celiac - 2004 by endoscopy

lactose intolerant - figured out Nov/06

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Sorry this is kind of a long post but I am includng information sent to me by my brother who is a Pharmacologist, Ph.D. who owns a consulting company in the NY area that helps pharmaceutical companies bring new products to market (amongst other things). He looked into the issue of celiac and diabetes since my daughter (his neice) was recently diagnosed and he is a totally stand up guy. He has mentioned to me that the drugs being developed by Alba are in phase 2 clinical trials. The information put together by his employees includes the following:

"...The rationale is that ingesting an enzyme oral therapy before consuming gluten would break up the gluten into non-toxic food to prevent the triggered immune response and the resulting inflammatory damage.

Although there are no products currently on the market, there are a few that remain in developmental stages. Alvine Pharmaceuticals is researching ALV001 and ALV002 which are oral therapies comprised of enzymes. ALV002 contains both a recombinant cysteine endoprotease found in barley seeds, EP-B2 (breaks down gluten proteins), and prolyl endoprotease, PEP (detoxifies gluten). ALV001 only includes EP-B2, whereas ALV002 contains both enzymes for greater tolerance of gluten in one

Daughter, Camryn diagnosed with diabetes 3/06

diagnosed with celiac (blood test and biosy confirmed) 5/06

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