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Chianti Grill, St. Paul Mn

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To be honest, although Chianti Grill is just down the road from the U of M, I never really went. Pre-gluten-free I thought their food was rather overpriced given the quality of what was served, especially after being spoiled by the food in Chicago. But that was a couple of years ago, when Chianti was undergoing a change in management, I think.

Now I would say they are great!!! GREAT!!! Sure, still a little rich for my grad student budget most days. But, for the dollar or two more per entree compared to Outbacks up the street (and there are some sub-$15 entrees), it's worth supporting a local place that will actually serve gluten-free pastas--a variety of them at that.

I went half-expecting to get sick (how wrong it seemed to eat pasta in a restaurant again!) but I didn't get sick at all. And it was *tasty* far better than the pasta I do for myself at home (that alfredo sauce could have had something to do with it...) My non-gluten-free dinner companion was also very happy with the steak.

Yay! Another great, pasta-filled food option and in my neck of the woods too.

Now if only we could get a pizza joint willing to deliver gluten-free pizza, as is rumoured to be possible in NYC...

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