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Pf Chang's

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I know that if anyone has read my posts before they will think my family is obsessed with fried rice. But, my son misses chinese food terribly and he has been a little down lately about what he can and can't eat (he is 6). So we thought maybe we will go to PF Chang's this weekend but I do not see fried rice on the gluten free menu and if he cannot have it we may as well not go as I am sure it will end in a melt down. Does anyone know if they make it gluten free? Also, is it a kids friendly place or is more for grown ups?


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I have eaten there and I love there gluten free menu. I also miss chinese food. I bet they would make you gluten free fried rice.. they have yummy brown rice. I dont have small children anymore but I would say it isnt children unfriendly... There are always children in our resturant.

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I have not visited PF Chang's since going gluten-free but I have visited Pei Wei numerous times. Both resturants are owned by the same people. I have never tried to order fried rice but I will say that the managers at Pei Wei are very knowledgable about gluten so I would assume the PF Chang's managers are trained as well. If you call the resturant and speak to the manager I am sure he'll be able to help you out. I have been to two locations in Houston and I have been very impressed each time. I have never gotten sick. I think I've just decided on what I'll be having for lunch today... :D


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Here is Pei Wei's Gluten-Free Menu:


PF Chang's Gluten-Free Menu:



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Even tho it is not on the gluten-free menu, I order gluten-free fried rice EVERY time I go. At one place I am able to order the combo fried rice with Chicken, beef, pork and shrimp. At the other PF Changs they can only put in the chicken and shrimp as they have already dusted the pork and beef. It really is gluten-free, but ask the manager to check with the chef to make sure for your particular restaurant. I had one manager who did not know that they had gluten-free fried rice and she checked with the chef. Her roommate had Celiac and she was excited to tell her about the rice.

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Thai food is naturally gluten free b/c they don't use soy sauce or msg - so as long as it's authentic and they don't use that (and that you don't put the breaded chicken in your meal) you should be able to enjoy a wide variety of food. That's what I hear anyway....I'm off for my first Thai food post gluten free adventure tomorrow for a work lunch... :unsure:

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Two oldest kids - fine so far :)

My 17 mo old has eosinophilic esophogitis. Only showing milk allergy? So completely off dairy for time being to see if that is trigger...

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