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nothing but nicole

Any One In Jacksonville, Fl Or Southern Ga

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What types of recipes are you looking for?

No. Small amounts of gluten are not ok. If you keep ingesting it you will keep doing damage to yourself.

My wife and I are trying to sort out how we are going to prepare meals that will work for both of us. We like soy sauce but I am confused if this is ok or not as some articles say that it is ok and some say that it is not ok. I also would like to know what flour and bread products are considered Gluten free.

Thanks for your replies as I am trying to understand the do's and don't's.

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Most soy sauce is made with wheat. There is gluten-free soy sauce. LaChoy is and San-J makes a gluten-free variety also (they also make regular so check the label). I get the San-J at my local Whole Foods store. Bob's Red Mill has many gluten-free flours at most grocery stores in the health foods sections. Gluten Free Pantry also has some flour and baking mixes. Pamala's is another brand that is good too. Udi's bread is good( I find ours at our local Publix and Whole Foods in the freezer section).

Kraft, Con-Agra, Unilever and General Mills list any gluten sources.

If you look on many company websites you will find a gluten-free list. A lot of companies are also labeling their gluten-free products to make it easier.

Hope this helps some.

Started on this journey w/ my 9 yr old son after a bout w/ the flu in the fall of 2009.

2 neg celiac blood tests, mine was also neg. No endo done. Son had x-ray, showing severe constipation. Son has latex allergy. KP for both of us.

Long family history of bowel problems, auto-immune and all sorts of cancers. My G-mother informed me that she was put on a gluten free diet after she had my mom (1950's), of course she stopped when she felt better. She has had problems ever since I can remember.

So here we are! I do have my son's Dr to thank for even bringing up celiac! Thank You Dr.B!

My adult daughter also has been helped by eating gluten-free.

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