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Stool Question

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hello everyone,

i'm off to my pcp tomorrow (who by the way wouldn't recognize me for the life of her, god gotta love hmo's) anyway, i'm planning to ask for many tests to find out what's going on with me. i do however, have a question about stools (can't believe i'm asking these questions) tha i hope people here might be able to help.

i have had a series of problems for 8 months now. i've been to neurologist, cardiologist, ent, had cat scan of head, mri of head and c spine, eng tests, mammogram, gyn exam, optometrist, orthopedic doctor and mutilple blood tests....all negative.

my symptoms persist as sinus congestion, vertigo, muscle aches, bloating, brain fog, depression, no energy, sleep issues, increased flatulence, no weight loss but no real appetite and i'm sure there are more (did have eye issues and tingling sensations but they've gone away)

okay, my questions

what are fatty stools and how do i know if i have them?

are stools supposed to be a certain color? are several bowel movements a day too much?

what are foul smelling stools? my stool does not smell like stool, god i'm embarrased saying this but it's almost acidic smelling, they're yellow/orange and brown, and i stool three/four times a day.

any help would be appreciated, i'm so doctor a phobic that i'm in a panic about going tomoorrow.

thanks again for any help/support


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