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Eosinophilic Gastroenterist

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just wanted to say thanks for all the helpyou all have been we have a diagnoise for my 8yrold daughter

she has eosinophilic gastroenterist its an allergic reaction of the gi tract somewhat like celiacs but to alot more foods and eviromental allergys

so if some of you with out pos biopsy find out if they checked for eosinphils alot of drs dont check because they dont know to look for them and this is a relatively new diease and its not treated alot or diagnoised someone said ithink 4yrs form the time of sytomps to get a accurate diagnoise we were lucky and got one in a few months but it should be checked because it causes reflux and all and lot of hte kids are allergic to wheat and other things as well which is why the celiac diet can be helpful

thanks again for the help

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