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Gluten Free Kosher For Passover Foods

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I just made a cake mix, yes from a box! that required nothing more than 3 eggs and some oil, and bake.. Liebers, says gluten free right on the box, and double checked the ingredients its gluten free, and omg, its good! I didnt like the frosting it comes with, its a powder mix and you have to add oil and boiling water, so I didnt frost it. I will get frosting tomorrow and just put regular frosting on it.

I will be heading back to the Shoprite I bought it from and stocking up, its the vanilla cake mix I had, it wasnt vanilla colored, like that light color, it was more a light chocolate color, but the taste is vanilla.

I also made the scalloped potatoes in the box from Liebers, again, states gluten free right on the box, and I double checked the ingredients. I am going to stock up soon, before the holiday gets too close, then there will be nothing left!


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I looked last weekend at my Shoprite (Delran) and they didn't have the cake mixes :angry:

I did find the Passover Noodles at Wegman's, though.


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Passover is a virtually gluten free holiday! It's awesome. However... one must be mindful that Matzo still contains wheat, so avoid that - even during Passover.

I've been thrilled to be able to find Mother's Margarine for my dairy/soy allergic son. I'm going to seriously stock up so I have enough to last throughout the year. =)

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