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I just had mine done. The prep is the worse. I felt a little nauseated after I drank the first little bottel they gave me. I had mine on Monday so was able to goof off sunday. I felt fine with just jello, etc until around 2:00. Once I started cleaning out....I just laid around.

The actual proceedure I felt nothing (except they put an IV in and I hate having that done) I went home and slept and never felt bad, just a little tired from the meds.

Dont worry I was nervous too, but it is fine.

"The only thing constant in life is change"

Celiac not confirmed, but positive results with diet change

Gluten free since 10/06

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I'm waiting to have a colonoscopy and i'm really really nervous about it. Is it really bad? They said i'll be sedated but does it hurt??? DO you feel anything?

need some feedback..

super stressed out about this!

Hon take a breath and try to relax.

No it's not bad. It isn't fun mind you. But it's not bad.

Trying to relax is import. It also depends on the sedation. I've had a local and the variety where they thankfully knock you out. In my case with the local, having a monster TV screen hanging in front of my eyes didn't help. And yes I was aware of it penetrating me and vaguely working it's way up into my gut. (Watching the thing on screen didn't help and I didn't get as enthusiastic about my innards as did the crew). :blink: I did feel it nip the sample tho'. In medical terms it's uncomfortable rather than painful.

The most awful part of it were for me:

1. The TV screen.

2. What felt like a stage set with 15 people milling around. (What WERE they all there for?)

3. The air/wind they fill you with to allow them to see the colon.

4. The pre-clean-out was rather thorough all things considered.

Now I didn't help because I froze like the iceberg that sunk the Titanic and just couldn't relax. My Specialist and the head nurse were just great and soothed me throughout the test. Incredible!!! Remember the hospitals are well used to doing these procedures these days. You're the patient and if things are not going decently for you, you say so! Feel that you want more lube say so. Hate the camera/tv screen idea? Don't suffer like I did -- say so. (They must be able to block it some how from the patient?) Find the air too much, set the pace and be firm -- it is after all your body. Keep in mind that the anus is amazingly elastic and the tubing and camera entering you are small. About the diameter of a pinkie finger. And they are gentle. Lordy are they gentle.

Remember to breath often.

I don't under pressure inspite of my years of meditation! I stopped breathing and lay there rigid.

Make sure that someone is picking you up afterwards and be sure to have goodies at home to eat and treat yourself with. I didn't and had to rest on the bed at home and then go shopping duh! Oh be prepared for the air pumped into you to escape -- warn everyone and make NO apologies. Set the time aside afterwards to be quiet "you" time. (Fav tv show, DVD's, books, treats to nibble and prepared easy to access and heat meal or two not far away from you helps). I did feel a bit better once home and showered too.

The plus side is that they do need to get up there and find out or see things. It's the only way unless going down the throat I understand. Good luck and keep us posted!

Zen hugs!


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I have had three :(, and it really isn't that bad at all. The prep is annoying though. I was out (sedation) for all three procedures...in one, I wasn't out quite enough ... I guess I kind of talked and they bumped up the sedation and I didn't remember anything else. So even if they don't give you enough, if they know that you are uncomfortable, they will bump it up.

Best of luck.......for all the commotion that is made about it, I honestly couldn't believe that it was this simple. Best of luck!

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The prep was bad, but the procedure wasn't. I had concious sedation and don't remember a thing. I slept the rest of the day.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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The worst part is by far the prep, I dont remember anything else. When I woke up, my hubby was by me. I was uncomfortable afterwards from gas... :ph34r: Other than that I slept the rest of the day.

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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It was not a big thing at all. I had the conscious sedation, I guess....basically I must have drifted away with it, next thing I knew it was over and I was waking up. No after effects at all, nothing. Don't worry about it! ;)



Enterolab 1/2006

IgA & tTg Positive

DQ2-0201 (celiac) and DQ1-0604 (gluten)

Casein IgA positive

Mom has 2 celiac genes

Both kids have a celiac gene.

Lots of celiac disease in my family, both sides.

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It is not so bad. I did it without any sedation at all (don't like meds if I can help, was by myself, and had to go to work after). It was not comfortable - the worst part was the air that they pump in so that everything opens up for them to inspect) so it was like the worst case of bloat ever - but was bearable and so soon as the air started coming out all was fine - and I asked the Dr. to talk me through it, to go slow, and to release some of the air at times.

With sedation it will be a breeze! No worries!



Aussie living in Philippines, Manager, Triathlete, Mum to 2 dogs, 2 cats & fish


Hypothyroid, diag. 2000, desicated thryoid 3 grains + T4 50 mcg.

Pituitary adenoma, 2002 - no treatment (no followup yet)

Polycystic, 2000 - no treatment

IBD by biopsy - end 2006 (cause not investigated)

Suspected Gluten intolerant/celiac - not diagnosed

Gluten Free - start Dec 06 (big improvement in tummy troubles, though still not 100%..)

Allergies suspected to Rice, Mango, Chicken, some fish (though testing)... still trying to work it all out.

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Wow, Sally, you're hardcore! I'm really impressed!

My colonoscopy was a breeze because it was unplanned (sort of an emergency check), so I didn't have to spend any time worrying about it beforehand. Five minutes after they told me they were going to do it, I was flying on the ceiling from the drugs and I slept for the rest of the day. So I really think the only bad part is the anticipation of it all.

♥ Laura

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The prep wasn't so much fun, but wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. I had something for nausea though. The stuff they gave me to drink tasted absolutely horrible. It could have been much worse though.

The procedure itself was actually nice as they knocked me out. I woke up with no discomfort whatsoever! Make sure they are sedating you and you will be fine.


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