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Going To Vegas...

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DH and I will be taking a much needed long weekend in Vegas. I would love any feedback on dining experiences. I see that there is a PF Changs. Will need to check that out. Any other suggestions for a 4 day stay?

Annette in MN

IsAMom to Isaac(7), Isabel(5) and Isaiah(4)

diagnosed celiac 4/1998

Both DSs diagnosed 4/2006 at 5 & 2 yrs of age

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Welcome to the Board

Regarding Vegas, BroncoBux and Mouse are the experienced members here about dining out. I am sure that they will pop up in the am.


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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We ate at the Eiffel Tower restaurant one night and Smith and Wollensky the other. Both restaurants took very good care of me. It was actually nice to NOT eat at a chain restaurant that I eat at at home!!

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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I never stray from the Mirage and I eat there safely. I go to the Carnegie Deli for lunch and have their pastrami or corned beef. You can take your own bread with you and make your own sandwiche. There is so much meat that my hubby and I share one order. We just ask them to put the reg. bread on another plate.

We also met broncobux last Sunday at the Samba restaurant (Mirage) and had a fantastic dinner with appetisers and even desert. Just mention that you are gluten free and usually the chef will come out and talk to you.

I also eat (Mirage) at the Stack and kokomo's. I have never gotten sick at any of these.

Broncobux lives in LV and ventures furture then I do. You might try PM him for other suggestions. He recently ate at a new restaurant in Ceasars and said it was wonderful.

Have a fun time.

"Throw yourself a pity-party and you'll be the only guest." - Earlene Fowler

Diag. Celiac Disease by positive blood test 2/03/2004

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Scoliosis of the spine (caused by malabsorption and it is horribly painful) This would be enough reason for someone to go gluten free.

Ocular Myastenia Gravis

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