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Gluten Free Gum

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Here's a list I found a while back.

I've been chewing Big Red with no problems for the past few months.

U.S. Wrigley Products - Per company representative, the following is a list of U.S. Wrigley products that remain free of any wheat, oat, rye or barley gluten:

Wrigley's Spearmint gum


Doublemint gum

Extra gum

Big Red gum

Eclipse gum

Juicy Fruit gum

Eclipse Flash breath strips

Winterfresh gum

Orbit gum

Winterfresh Thin Ice breath strips

Orbit White gum

If your sensitivity extends to other types of gluten, several of our brands contain corn syrup, which may have trace amounts of corn gluten in it. The amount of gluten in one stick is less than 0.2 milligrams, but if you are extremely sensitive, you may want to consult with your physician before chewing our brands.

Additionally, no packaging material directly next to our product contains gluten sources. There may be instances when starches are used on the label around each individual stick of gum, but these starches are produced from corn or potatoes, not from wheat, rye, barley, oats, millet or buckwheat.

We hope this information has been helpful and thanks again for contacting the Wrigley Company.



Laura Richards, Consumer Affairs Representative

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Trident is gluten-free.

Tapioca intolerant

First cousin dx'd with Celiac Disease

Grandmother died of malnutrition b/c everything made her sick... sounds like celiac to me.

Gluten-free since June 2005

Dx with IBS February 2005

Blood tests both negative (or inconclusive?) for celiac (in 2002 and 2004)

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Why does my nose itch when I chew wrigglys or any other gum? I am being worked up for celiac

43 year old female with IBS symtoms for 25+ years.

Celiac blood panel tests neg x 2

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1, 0201; HLA DQB1 Allele 2 0602; Serologic EQ HLA-DQ 2,1 (SUPTYPE 2-6)

ANTI CASEIN IGA 30 UNITS (Normal less than 10)

Fecal Anti gliadin IgA. 24 (normal less than 10)

Fecal Anti-tissue TG IgA 8 (normal less than 8)

Anti Soy IgA 34 units

Fat malabsorption- 356 normal less than 300

Vit D deficient by blood test

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