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Santa Cruz?

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Heading to Santa cruz to compete in a kayak contest. I'll be there 4 days.

Any restaurant ideas? Any good celiac friendly places?

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Santa Cruz - Support Group

Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group

Contact: Pam Newbury

543 Ice Cream Grade

Santa Cruz, CA 95060

Tel: (831) 423-6904

E-mail: pknewbury@earthlink.net

I suggest you contact Pam Newbury at the Santa Cruz Celiac Support Group, she would know exactly where it is safe to eat.

I have eaten at a few places in Santa Cruz, mostly upper-end steak houses. I highly recommend the Portola House if you like a classy place that serves steak. My kids and I got a great meal there and although they don't say it's gluten free, the meals we got were gluten-free, and no one felt ill afterwards. It is very hard to eat gluten free at the Beach Boardwalk, I don't recommend trying to eat anywhere at the Boardwalk, except for cotton candy and other junk like that. Many of the seafood places on the Wharf were pretty easy to work with too. You would think with a place like Santa Cruz that they would understand gluten-free, but they seem to focus more on vegan/vegetarian/organic...

If you like health food style, they do have some gluten free options at the Staff of Life health food store deli.

Enjoy your stay there, and have fun kayaking! I grew up in Santa Cruz and have family there, I still love visiting! I miss the ocean now that I have spent the past 10+ years inland!

~West Coast-Central California~

Mariann, gluten intolerant and mother of 3 gluten intolerant children

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