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Wagamama Boston - Opening April 23!

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For anyone in the Boston area -- a Wagamama (www.wagamama.com)is opening April 23!

I've been to these restaurants a few times in the UK and always loved it (although this was way before DX). But the best part is - they're very sensitive to people with food issues, including gluten! You can see more on their site.

I emailed with the new head chef to find out exactly what their new US menu would include and he wrote the following:

"Good afternoon Allison, Hope I find you well

It's great to know that there is so much interest building in the opening of our first us site here in boston

I am currently working on our allergy table to accommodate as many dietary requirements as possible. When completed it would be great if you could give us feedback in case there are any areas that we may have overlooked

We are also staging some dry runs, serving lunch and dinner from the 17th - 20th april and would love to see you there

Our marketing co-ordinater will be sending out invites very soon, so let us know if you don't receive one

I'll get the allergy list to you as soon as I can and again welcome all feedback

Kind regards,

barnaby "

HOORAY! I'll keep you posted & post his "allergy table" when I get it...

Positive Bloodwork & Positive Endoscopy, Gluten Free since 8/29/06

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Celiac.com Sponsor (A8):

SWEET. I heard about this from a buddy. Plan on trying it out on Cinco de Mayo.

Visit to the er 4.1.06

blood test, positive for celiac disease 4.6.06

Endoscopy/biopsy/last day of gluten 5.25.06

Misdiagnosed for 2 decades. :( Feeling great now :)

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