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Cabo Or General Info. On gluten-free Food In Mexico

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I'm going to Cabo San Lucas in a couple of months. I haven't been to Cabo before, and haven't been to Mexico since being diagnosed 4 yrs. ago (well - one day excursion off of cruise ship doesn't count since I didn't eat there).

Any suggestions of where to go and what to eat? What about buying food at a store - what about ingredient labeling?

Any help would be great, even if you have general info. on eating gluten-free in Mexico.


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I tried posting this on the travel board, but received no responses. I thought I'd try this board, as well.

I'm going to Mexico for the first time since being gluten-free. Does anyone have any advice for me? We will be staying in Cabo and am wondering if anyone can give restaurant recommendations?


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This is the appropriate forum for it. It just might be that no one has any responses yet....maybe someone will pipe up and help out? Best of luck!


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Remi- You did post it there (you aren't crazy), I merged your posts because this is the appropriate/best place for it. I hope you get some responses soon :) Good luck!!

-Jessica :rolleyes:


Gluten Free since 12-31-2002!!


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I went to Cabo in October for a friends wedding and i have to say - bring your own food. I know it sucks, and i hate carting all that food with me in my luggage, and i am pretty adveturous when it comes to seeking out food at places and trying to eat out, but its really hard in mexico. the language barrier is definitely part of it and no one there has heard of celiac disease. I am sorry i am not much help. Also remember to not drink the water. I know that everyone says that Cabo is very resort-y and the water is fine - but i think celiacs are just extra sensitive - my friend and i definitely had montezuma's revenge! I probably won't be visiting mexico again anytime soon.

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Thanks for the info. I am also worried about problems from the water - it seems like when I have a stomach virus or the like I have stomach problems for much longer than others without celiac disease - not sure if it takes longer for us to heal or what.

I've read that there is a Costco there - wondering if it would be best to shop there when I arrive. Not sure if they carry everything that the States has - but there are enough gluten-free items there to last me for a week.

Hopefully I can figure SOMETHING out - it won't be much fun to go out to dinner with others who do not have celiac disease and sit there while they eat =(

Thanks again!

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Many people speak fluent enough English to understand simple food orders:

Taco with corn tortillas --in Spanish YOU'D say: Me gustaria Tacos con tortillas de

maize, (maw-eez) por favor.

If you order shrimp tacos, tell them it must be grilled not fried. (tacos camarones)

You can have fresh salsa, corn tortillas, fruits, veggies, ::corn chips, nachos depend on designated fryers.

They marinate meat in lime juice, so you'll be fine with carnitas, taquitos, and most meats.

They also have burger joints- no bun, of course.

Some celiacs say the rice and beans can have gluten

but lots of us eat them regularly with no problem.

Lobster and TONS of fresh seafood.

Lots of fresh shrimp- be careful of sauces- maybe dip in salsa? I just use lemon.

Their popsicles are made from real fruit, so YUM!

more SPANISH: no flour = sin harina (seen aahreenah)

AAAAAAND you can have TEQUILA!!!OLE!

Gluten Free since November 2005


"If you want breakfast in bed, sleep in the kitchen.." ---Ed Polish

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I haven't been to mexico in a while, but my bf's parents just returned and we are in the process of planning a trip there. Here is my advice:

1. Take acidopholus for 2 weeks before and every day you are there. It will help you "adjust" to the health standards

2. Buy and drink bottled water only-- no ice. This means no margaritas. Sorry :(

3. As far as food, most places rarely cook with wheat from what I remembered. Most used corn tortillas. There may be cross contamination, but as long as you eat ethnic mexican, not tex-mex or American touristy food you will be fine.

I know it sounds obvious that you would eat mexican food in mexico, but so many people eat at tourist traps which make americanized food. If you can avoid them, you shouldn't have a problem.

Symptoms on and off my whole life

Major symptoms starting 2005

Zero blood antibodies

Gluten free with positive dietary response since April 2007

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