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Update - Promising Signs?

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Hello again. Just as a quick recap (you can skip this if you want to get to the point ;) ) ...Since as far back as I can remember, I've had stomach annoyances. Then, appendix out in 5th grade. Along with that, the discovery of hypothyroidism/Hashimoto's. Then...around 10th grade (uh...15 years old) it all took a turn for the worse. I had one of those "attacks" from eating greasy food. Violent, wretched pain only relieved by a "BM". And it stayed. Turned into cycles of "C", then that massive attack, then C, then attack....etc. Sometimes, the attacks came just from greasiness. Went to doctors around at around age 18-19...said it was IBS. Gave me Zelenorm which made me bleed so I stopped. Tried various other doctors. Oh, I should say - I was blood tested for Celiac's, and it came up negative. No biopsy though. Then I tried flagyl...yeah nothing working.

So this January I just gave up and decided to try the gluten-free thing. I was getting to the point where I could not envision wanting to live the rest of my life with that sort of cycle of pain. Since January 8, I've been doing it.

It's probably too early to tell, but here's what I've noticed.

- I haven't had a pain-BM-attack since then. Sometimes they didn't come for 3 months though. But...mid January, I was horrificly stressed about something. And when I get stressed, it goes STRAIGHT to my stomach. Like someone pressing a button that releases liquid stress into my system. And - to my shock - it did NOT cause one of those 'attacks.' Those attacks used to come even with SLIGHT stress before (stress, grease, or just after every 3-5 weeks). And this thing was constant releasing of those stress-hormones for a good 5 days straight. So I was 100% expecting to have an 'attack.' But, it didn't happen. Nor the next week, or the next...etc This encourages me for sure.

I haven't even felt that tinge of snaking pain that usually harkens an attack but once or twice in these past months.

Then...within the first two weeks, my C shot up really bad. Now I'm taking Triphila and watching my dairy and rice intake, and it seems to be regulating. But some people on here said how that could be a sign that I do have celiac/gluten-intolerence, if gluten was the thing pushing me along! (albeit painfully!)

Then - guess what? An aunt of mine was diagnosed with Celiac's. Suprising everyone.

Lastly - I've 'suffered' from (mild enough, but still there) acne for the past 10 years. When I discovered the magic of facial foundation back in high school, I never left the house without it on my face. Then, in spite of myself - these past 2 days, I didn't even put it on! Because my face was 'clear' enough for my approval! That's a definite first in 10 years.

So...are these things just coincidences, or might it point that being gluten-free IS really helping me? And maybe that gluten was causing the problems before?

On the other hand - I'm also a rather irritable and uncheery sort of person. In the sense that, it actually seems to take effort for me to be happy, and then when I am, it usually doesn't last very long lol(if that makes sense.). Despite whether there's something bad going on or not in my life. And I am tired almost all of the time. I haven't noticed a change in any of those things, for what it's worth, and I know depression can be a symptom or effect or whatever of Celiac's. Which is why I mention it. ...but maybe I just need to be patient there... ;)

I think I'm encouraged. The restaruant - social-life - aspect of this gluten-free thing has been somewhat troubling and saddening...but, to think that this COULD actually be "it"...I am glad for that.

This thing turned out to be really long, lol. Sorry.

Gluten-free since January, 2007

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I am glad that you have noticed such a change. I would definately stay gluten-free, especially since your aunt was diagnosed with Celiac. You can have a false negative on the blood test, but not a false positive. The diet sometimes is the answer for Celiac disease or gluten intolerant.

Keep up the good work and the changes will keep coming. Each of us heals at different rates.

"Throw yourself a pity-party and you'll be the only guest." - Earlene Fowler

Diag. Celiac Disease by positive blood test 2/03/2004

Allergies - corn, soy, casein, egg whites and wheat

Morphia Scleroderma


Hypothyroid and Hperthyroid

Essential Tremors



Fibromyalgia - diag. in 1978 when they called it Fibrositis

PAD Peripheral Artery Disease

Angina and Atrial Fibrillation

Gluten Ataxia


Scoliosis of the spine (caused by malabsorption and it is horribly painful) This would be enough reason for someone to go gluten free.

Ocular Myastenia Gravis

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I'm so glad you're feeling better :)

How can you have a cheery attitude when you're having to live life like that!!

I noticed everything else getting better first - and now my attitude (now that I feel healthy) just in the last few days is coming with it :) So keep positive - it'll come!!

Tritty (my childhood nickname....)

Age 31, Mommy of 3

Blood test positive for celiac 1/16/07

gluten-free since 1/16/07

Endoscopy 2/13/07 - small hiatal hernia, scalloped mucosa in 1st and 2nd part of duodenum, some erosion of the esophogus.

Two oldest kids - fine so far :)

My 17 mo old has eosinophilic esophogitis. Only showing milk allergy? So completely off dairy for time being to see if that is trigger...

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Thanks for the encouragement, Tritty and mouse! It was weird about my aunt being diagnosed. To our knowledge, before all this, "no one" had Celiac in our family. (But it's not like they were ever tested, either.) I know my mom's aunt has a daughter with Crohn's...but that's it. But then recently my doctor thought my aunt needed to be tested, and they found Celiac in her.

And Tritty, glad to hear your mood has started to improve, lol! And as for "How can you have a cheery attitude when you're having to live life like that!!" I know, exactly. Tell that to the rest of the world! ;)

Gluten-free since January, 2007

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I think those all sound like promising improvements. Given the length and seriousness of your illnesses, it could take a while for your body to heal.

I think staying gluten free certainly won't hurt anything, so keeping with it for a few more months should definitely give you an indication of whether things are continuing to improve.

I found my bad moods where both related to just feeling so tired and crappy for long periods of time, as well as definely chemical imbalance from the gluten/corn itself. Once I got all of that out of my system and felt better physically, things improved drastically.

Hope things stay on the upswing for you!


Gluten free since July 97

corn free since Jan 98

Never diagnosed by a Doctor

Symptoms cleared on gluten-free diet

Mom and one sister are also gluten-free

One sister with type I diabetes (diagnosed at age 10)

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Hi Aura, I agree with everyone, those are very promising signs of improvement. I actually took almost a year of healing until my mood started to really elevate. I also had a few setbacks, like breaking up with my boyfriend and my Dad contracting leukemia, so I think I would have been 'happier' sooner if all that hadnt happened. But you actually sound pretty darn well adjusted, so if you're not feeling 'happy' I suggest happy food, which isn't what you probably think it is. Eat lots of fat! Get as much avocado, coconut oil (unrefined, try Spectrum essentials), nuts (esp almonds), and ORGANIC, preferably free-range/grass-fed meat into you as possible. I actually really like diced avocado w/scrambled eggs & salsa. And as long as the chicken is organic, make roasted legs and try to eat the skin. Find a butter that says grass fed on it (it should be VERY yellow) and use that a lot on gluten-free toast and to cook your veggies and eggs with. All these fats will heal your body and give you brain food. The cells in your brain are actually lined with lipids, cholesterol. You just need it in digestible form, instead of the poisonous stuff, like McD's. Oh, and organic, plain yogurt. Stonyfield is a good place to start, but their milk isnt grass fed so it has a high sugar content, if theres a health store near you try Seven Stars Farms, it tastes a little bitter, I add applesauce!

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill

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