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I Need Some Support For Possible celiac disease

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Hi all, I am a 43 yo f and have had diarrhea for 7 wks now. I was treated for poss Giardia 2 wks ago but the diarrhea is still here and bad stomach cramps. I had to go to the er yesterday because my stomach hurt so much. I have no appetite and still all the cramping. Now I'm awaiting a GI appt. and was told poss malabsorption probs. Are these symptoms of celiac disease? Please anyone help me.

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Yes, those are potentially symptoms of celiac disease. It's not the first thing that comes to mind, as your post gives me the impression that things were just fine prior to seven weeks ago, and this is a sudden, dramatic change, and very much because of the giardia treatmet - giardia sometimes resists treatment and sometimes takes longer than two weeks to treat. But it's still possible that you need to look into celiac; I wouldn't rule it out.

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actually I've had loose stools and then diarrhea alternating for the past 6 months. I got off Paxil in Sept 06 and since then it seems I've had more and more stomach aches and now I have stomach pains daily with constant diarrhea. I have no appetite so I force myself to eat. How can they detect celiac if you're not eating??

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