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Any Experience Of Lymph Node Symptoms?

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Hello there,

I've been lurking for a while and you seem like such a nice caring bunch of people that I've come to join the ranks after 6 months with IBS-like symptoms, weight-loss and a definite change when I accidentaly cut out gluten for a week.

I'm just awaiting results of my first blood test sometime this week, but the waiting game is driving me crazy. Since going to the doc I've realised (and I can't believe) that I actually forgot to mention some significant aspects of my symptoms. Namely, I've had since at least early autumn a hard and rubbery, though not enlarged, lymph node on the side of my neck. At least I assume it's a lymph node because it's in the right place.

Has anyone else had this as just another symptom of auto-immune disease? The lump hasn't got bigger, it's not painful or tender and can't be seen through the skin. But, my neck gets very slightly itchy at times and now I have horrific visions of being diagnosed with some kind of lymphoma.

I've seen others comment on enlarged/tender nodes that went away with a gluten free diet, but nothing about this. Everywhere I look I see nothing but cancer cancer cancer.

I have positive days and negative days, but I'm just eating myself alive worrying about this and how long it will be before any tests might be done etc. I will mention it to doc when I go, but in the mean time, any enlightenment would be much appreciated.



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I have some swollen lymph nodes too. They can be a sign of an infection also. I wonder if it is another symptom of autoimmune too. I never thought of that way.

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