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The Spaghetti Warehouse

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I never eat out anymore. I'm just too sensitive, with too many allergies. But my family has been invited to attend a special group business 'thank you' dinner during a convention in a couple of weeks. In that huge city, guess where they chose to take all of us.....The Spaghetti Warehouse. I looked up their menu online and there honestly isn't a single thing I can eat. I emailed the restaurant just in case they offer any gluten free food not mentioned on the menu, but it doesn't look promising. I also have dairy, eggs and soy to deal with. It's hopeless.

How discouraging. Why are people so unkind? They know I can't eat there. They just forgot me.

I have 3 choices. 1.Don't go at all. 2.Send my family and stay in the motel room myself. 3.Go with my own food and try not to become the entertainment.

If I were to choose #3, I honestly would be concerned about how much "gluten dust" would be flying around in a place like that. I guess I could just try not to breathe.

Oh well. Just needed to tell someone who understands.

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If it were me, I'd go with my own food in tow. I do this nearly every week. I look at eating out as a social thing, not a "I'm hungry, let's eat". I could care less about what I'm eating as long as I can hang out with my friends.

It's possible they didn't forget about your diet. It's just that your diet is not the center of their lives like it is for you and they probably didn't even think about it. And there's a good percentage of the population that doesn't know what gluten is or that pasta is made of wheat.

There will be gluten dust in the kitchen, but you'll probably be ok if you're out in the seating area.

Gluten-Free since September 15, 2005.

Peanut-Free since July 2006.

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