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What's For Dinner Tonight?

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All this salmon talk made me want to share a new dish I have created and seems to go over well.

Macadamia/Coconut Crusted Salmon


Macademia Nuts (1/2 cup whole)

Dried Coconut Flakes

Coconut Oil

Salmon fillets



Garlic (optional)

Egg (optional)

Take a handful of macadamia nuts and finely chop them

Add to them some dried coconut flakes (natural, no sugar added)

Crunch that together with hands, or blend up in a mixture. You will use this to coat your salmon

preheat skillet, add coconut oil so it is hot when you are ready to cook. If you like, mince up a clove of garlic and have it lightly sauteed in the oil before you cook your fillets

Take salmon fillets (I often cut them thin, laterally, so they cook fairly quickly) wash and pat dry.

Whip together 1 egg and juice of 1 lemon. (you can just use lemon and water if you prefer) and dip fillets into this liquid

Take crumb mixture and coat fillets.

With fish, I do this by laying out a layer of crumbs on a plate and then gently, but firmly laying the fillet on each side into the mixture

Place fillet into skillet and cook each side until brown. Usually takes 3-5 minutes per side.

Serve with baked fennel and asparagus

This nut coating recipe works nicely with cod too!

To bake fennel, just chop off the leafy tops of the fennel, and then thinly slice the base of the stalks. Place these into a lightly greased (extra virgin olive oil) glass cooking pan, dribble a bit more oil over the tops, sprinkle some salt and pepper and if you can tolerate it, parmesaen cheese and then bake for 40 minutes until tender. Very yummy licorise flavor that goes well with the nutty salmon.


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Do you ever watch the food network channel? I think some days I am addicted to it, although my husband likes it too. We watch Rachel Ray's 30 minute meals and I bet I have copied two or three dozen recipes in the last couple months. She uses a lot of spices and many things have cheese in them I cut back on the spices and since I am dairy free do not make any of the cheesy things. I also watch Semi-Homemade. I can't make very many of these things the way she does, she uses a lot of store bought junk in her recipes, but sometimes I get an idea for something new and different. Emeril is also good, he had some really good recipes for Super Bowl.

The best thing about the food network channel, is 95% of it is from homemade ingredients, so we, as celiacs, just need to use gluten free items of the same ingredients.

I have had lots of success with these recipes.

Daisy Duke

I love to visit the food network website!! My husband knows everytime I do b/c I'll print out another stack of recipes :D

Another great recipe place to look is allrecipes.com and you can search for gluten-free recipes.

Mmm, Acod that salmon recipe looks delish! Almost like dinner and dessert in one!

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Have two things to say:

YUMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you all!

and I love www.epicurious.com

Tasty stuff!

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