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Mitchell's Fish Market

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They have a gluten free menu that is fantastic. I live in Michigan and we ate there yesterday for the first time at the Rochester Hills location. The waitress and chef were very knowledgable and it was great. I am very sensitive and always fearful when eating out, but I didn't get sick and feel just fine. Yippee! I will definitely go back. They have locations in Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Florida, Wisconsin, Kentucky and Indiana. Website is Mitchellsfishmarket.com

Have fun!

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This is one of my favorite places to eat!!! There is one about 10 minutes from my house! The gluten-free menu is extensive...the salad dressings are all made in-house and gluten-free and delicious! Love the ceasar! Really can't say enough good things about this place.

As a matter of fact, we go to several other Cameron Mitchell restaurants too b/c most do have a gluten-free menu or are able to tell you what you can & can't have. Another fav is Molly Woos.


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Still eating gluten for now.

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I used to work at the original Mitchells Fish Market (Columbus Fish Market -Grandview) on Olentangy.

If you bring in your own soy sauce, they will make their fish "shang-hai style" for you - they steam the fish and serve it over rice, spinach and hoisin sauce (made with wheat free sauce that you brin in)

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I'm partial to the BBQ Shrimp -- They sell it as an appetizer, but I have them do it as an entree with the veggies and such.

OK, you made me do it, I went there for dinner. MMMMMMMmmmmmmmm

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