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Please Offer Any Gluten-free Wedding Cake Vendors In The Wash, Dc Metro Area

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Hi! I am new to this forum! I am getting married in less than two months. I had a vendor booked to make a gluten-free wedding cake. Unforunately, she just cancelled. Please send me any vendors in the Washington, D.C. area that makes gluten-free cakes at a reasonable cost. Thank you so much!!!

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If you don't get an answer here, you can check with the DCCeliac Yahoo group.

Here is a caterer in Baltimore that will do gluten-free. http://www.tenzoartisan.com/ I know of a bakery in Baltimore that is just gluten-free. http://glutenfreedesserts.com/ I don't know if they do wedding cakes, though; it seems like it if I read one of the posts correctly.

The other baker I saw from searching the archives is Clustered Spires Pastry S

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I am also getting married, not until February of 2008 but am in search of a gluten free wedding cake. I live in Tampa Florida. If anyone has any suggestions I would appreciate it.

Thanks :)

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Have you ever seen the show Ace of Cakes on the Food Network? I've only caught it a few times (ok it was a marathon when I caught it and I think I watched for about 3 hours. LOL!), but it's this place Charm City Cakes in Baltimore and they make the most amazing creations. They are not a gluten free bakery, but they definately seem like the type that would be up for the challenge and make the most spectacular looking cake in the process.

And who knows because this would be a new challenge for them, maybe your cake would be on an episode they are filming for the show.

Here's the actual website (not the website of the show from The Food Network).



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