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Canadian Karen

Question From Sister.....

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When she eats those three things, her bowels go ballistic..... When she was in her 20's she was diagnosed with spastic bowel. I of course have been trying to convince her she has celiac or at the very least gluten intolerance, since her bloodwork came back negative..... She has the opposite problem to me - she is lucky if she goes once a week.....

Do you think those other foods are other intolerances or her bowels are just so irritated, she can't digest properly?




positive bloodwork, positive biopsy

Celiac, collagenous colitis, hypothyroidism

endometriosis (at age 20)

spinal stenosis (early 20's)

Biopsy August 2006 confirmed complete villous atrophy despite being gluten-free for years and bloodwork within range showing compliance with diet. Doctor has confirmed diagnosis of Refractory Celiac Sprue.

Endoscopy also showed numerous stomach ulcers, have started taking Losec.

Mother to Eileen 13 yrs

Rhiannon 8 yrs

Daniel & Connor 6 yr twin boys......

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Peanut butter or ice cream would make mine go ballistic, too. That's due to food intolerances. I have to avoid dairy and legumes, among other things.

She could also have a sensitivity to bananas--I've heard of that a couple of times here on the board. I tend to think of bananas as one of my "safe" foods, but anyone can be sensitive to anything--as you know!

Does she still eat gluten? If so, and she's Celiac (or intolerant), her system is probably very inflammed, and these things are just making it worse.


"Life is what happens while you're busy making other plans"

"When people show you who they are, believe them"--Maya Angelou

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Could it be the high fat content in peanut butter and ice cream that's getting her? I know that doesn't explain the banana issue, but it certainly could explain the other two.


Gluten free since May 2004

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My body hates me when I eat bananas. It has gotten much worse since I have gone gluten free, not sure why. I get major bloating and D and heartburn that feels like I have swallowed the most corrosive acid ever made. I thought it was peanut butter @ first, cause I most always eat PB on bananas, but eating PB separately does nothing. Is she eating all these together and having symptoms, or separately? I wonder what it is about a banana that is so irritating? I thought they were "safe" foods also, at first anyway.

~ Jenn

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Everytime I see this thread I want a banana split with peanut butter! :P:lol:

My hubby, who has no real food intolerances, gets a belly ache from greenish bananas. I think various foods can do that to us and not be a real problem from an intolerance standpoint. Those three foods seem so unrelated, it's a puzzle.

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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