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For All Those Who Don't Have Day, Day

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I work in a hospital in the Clinical Trials office. As everyone knows, the world celebrates nurses day, administrative professionals day, Dr's day, bosses day, the list goes on. In my office there are 10 of us, 3 nurses, 4 data coordinators, 2 Administrative Associates, and 1 regulatory coordinator. Anyway, we always celebrate these days with the the other officemates. This morning was a big surprise for us.

When got in there was a breakfast set-up, each of the nurses and the two admin. coworkers had made something and brought in all the fixings. They even made sure the casserole was gluten free. I had fruit salad and bacon and other yummy goodies.

Each of them picked one of us and got us a plant. I was given an orchid by Becky which is so pretty. This celebration was one of my nurses ideas, she thought that everyone in the office should have a special day to show some appreciation for what we each do and bring to work everyday. There was 5 people who enjoyed today. It was a nice treat and it really brightened up the day.

So...after my big ramble (sorry) I want to celebrate with all of my friends here who also don't get that "day" every year. So today was for Everyone who doesn't have a day...day!!!!Enjoy!

~~~~Gluten Free since 9/2004~~~~~~

Friends may come and go but Sillies are Forever!!!!!!!


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I've never had one of those days anywhere I've worked. That's so cool that they all pulled together to make your day special. It was really, super cool that they made sure you could eat the food. It's always nice to have people be understanding AND generous all at the same time. Happy ?Clinical Trials? Day!


Gluten free since May 2004

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