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Celiac And Diabetics At Disneyland....

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I am going to visit my family and we are taking a day trip to DisneyLand in Southern California. We will NOT be going to California Adventure. I'm a celiac and my brothers a newly diagnosed type 1 diabetic. My brother needs a carb count for the food and drink and I can't find one....and what about celiac? We really want to eat all the good crappy jumk food but can we?! Thanks so much!



all my life i have had an oat allergy.

gluten-free 5/2005.

active yeast free since... don't remember.

refined sugar free 5/2010.

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I don't know about diabetes, but Disney is VERY accomodating for celiacs. I hear that any restaurant you go in will be prepared to serve you ... even pancakes!

gluten-free 12/05

diagnosed with Lyme Disease 12/06

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I've never been to Disneyland, but have been diabetic for years. How hew is your bro? Carb counting just comes with experience. If you can identify the foods that he will most likely be eating ahead of time it will make things simple. For instance, burger, fries and a coke. The burger will be 30g, a little more with cheese, the fries will vary depending on size but about 12-14g per oz, just ask how many oz the serving is. Stick with diet drinks so no carbs there. Also, if you choose packaged foods like a bag of chips, the carb info will be right on the package. Feel free to PM me if you want more ideas.

As others will tell you, the Disney parks are wonderful at helping gluten free

Good Luck!

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You should have no problems visiting Disneyland. Call Disneyland and ask to speak to Chef Chris. First ask for the food/resturant department and eventually you will find Chef Chris, the nicest guy in the world. He will walk you through what and where you can eat. Have a great time!


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