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Have Any Of You Heard Of This?

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Hey everyone,

I've posted before about my friend's swollen ankle but now the situation just got a ton worse. Her knee has still been bothering her and swollen for a few weeks now and she finally had x-rays yesterday. The doctor called her shortly after to tell her there was a growth of some sort on her femur and they thought it might be benign sclerosis. Since they could only see half of this growth because they had knee x-rays not ones of the femur she went home last night and had more taken. She is getting them read today. Have any of you heard of this happening? Her knee is swollen and painful and yesterday she said it felt like it was burning but it wasn't hot to touch. She has also had random bruising on both of her legs in the past month. On top of it she has lupus and I am really worried about her. Do you think that a growth in the femur would cause such horrible knee pain? I'm just so concerned. Please pray for her.


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Erin, Were those bruises bumps at one time? I saw that you said she has lupus. Some of the symptoms remind me of my daughter who had erytherma nodosum. Many different things can set that off. They aren't sure what set my daughter's off. They did check her for lupus because of it. It leaves arthristis in joints. She was pregnant at the time, which is also a cause, but didn't have it happen in the other pregnancies.

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My niece just got diagnose with RSDS. (Reflex Sympathetic Dystrophy Syndrome) Did the joint inflammation come first and then the area turn into deep rusky almost purple or purple color?

My niece is still in the process of having another opinion for complete diagnoses and I would like to keep researching other possibilities. Feel free to PM if you want.



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