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yesterday i was in Wal-Mart and came across Kraft Peanut Butter that is 100% peanuts... free of lactouse , cholesterol , and gluten-free.....just thought i would pass this one along....

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Smucker's makes an all natural peanut butter - just peanuts and salt, and they also have an unsalted one if I recall correctly. Some supermarket chains have their own brand, which is what I get since it's way cheaper. BTW, that national chain who's name begins with "W" has one, but the quality is very poor, as are many things with their label.

I give it a whiff when I open the jar, especially for a new jar. Peanut butter seems to have a tendency to be somewhat rancid even before the "sell by" date.

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Walmart's GV brand says gluten free right on the jar...


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Living in peanut country, peanuts and peanut oil really don't have a long shelf life. Make sure that you always refridgerate it after opening.


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Dear simplicity66,

I buy Jif. They all are gluten-free. Even their Smooth Sensations! Many people do not know this, but they are made by Smuckers. I really miss the Chocolate Silk! :( They do not make it anymore. They do have some junk. If that is the unhealthiest thing you eat though, it should not hurt you! ;) I also, have never had to refrigerate it, and it does not go bad quickly. I eat it fast, though. I love peanut butter!




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