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Tapioca Intolerance?

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Thank you everyone for sharing.  I recently decided to go wheat free to see if it makes a difference in my overall health and beginning arthritis.  I made a gluten free wheat free flour mix to make brownies and cookies.  I had such a stomach ache for a week.  I stopped eating anything from that mix and went to the doctor.  I’m waiting on allergy test results.  I suspect it is the tapioca or the x gum but x gum is in a lot of other things I’ve eaten.  I’m going to make another flour mix of things I think will be safe (rice, almond, oat flours). Will omit the tapioca and see if I have the same reaction or not.  It took a good 4-5 days after I stopped consuming for the stomach ache to go away.  Interesting the comments on joint pain.  I’m going to pay attention to that too.  Thanks everyone again for sharing and helping newbies like myself out. 

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Perhaps omit the oat flour. As a celiac, in a large family with many celiacs and gluten intolerant people, oat flour is not tolerated. I know it’s supposed to be gluten-free, but in 1995 when I was first diagnosed, the list of gluten containing grains to avoid was wheat, oats, barley, rye and millet. Not sure how or when oats and millet was removed from that list. Good luck!

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