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gluten-free Cosmetics In Nz

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I'd Just thought i'd pass on some useful info i received today from Living Nature:

Hello Thank you for contacting us with your query regarding Gluten in our products. We can assure you that our products are Gluten free, we have Wheat straw glycoside as a part of our ingredients. This is extracted after the seed heads have been removed from the the wheat stalks. It is extremely nourishing and protecting on the skin, which absorbs very well offering outstanding qualities of smoothness. Another important fact is that it contains no gluten. The company that produce it have all their own crops which is guaranteed GE free. Best wishes

I know people that use this range and highly recommend it, i think i'll throw my old products away and start using these. ;)

The website is:http://www.livingnature.com/



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Hey guys, just had another reply from skinfood, i'm using the SPF 15 face moisturiser at the moment and had no problems.





Hi Julie,

We do not use any wheat products in Skinfood, so to the best of my knowledge they are gluten free.


Kindest regards,


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Dear Julie,

Thank you for your enquiry. All Red Seal's toothpastes and teas are gluten free. Most of the supplement range is also gluten free unless labelled otherwise.

Yours in Health

Julie Kirsop


Red Seal Natural Health Ltd

P O Box 19-046

Avondale 1746

Auckland, New Zealand

Telephone: 64 9 828 0036

Fax: 64 9 828 2499

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I'll just keep adding any replies i receive.........


Hi Julie,


Thank you for your email. Please find the following details from our manufacturers in Germany.


The following Dr.Hauschka Skin Care preparations contain gluten containing substances:



Cleansing Milk

Body Wash Lemon



Body Wash Rose


Body Wash Blackthorn


Shampoo Apricot & Seabuckthorn


Shampoo Nasturtium & Lemon


Shampoo Macadamia & Orange


Conditioner Jojoba Marshmallow



To be on the safe side, we would like to mention these Dr.Hauschka products which contain purified wheat germ oil. These products can be named as gluten free, especially due to the very little concentrations of purified wheat germ oil which is contained in the products.


Moisturising Day Cream


Normalising Day Oil


Cleansing Cream


Hand Cream


Lip Balm


Neem Hair Oil


Rejuvenating Mask


Rose Day Cream light


Toned Day Cream


According to experiences and scientific researches it is safe to say that gluten is only then harmfull if it is taken internally.


Please let me know if you have any further questions and I will be happy to help.


Kind regards,


Administration Manager


Dr.Hauschka Skin Care

121 Carbine Road

Mt Wellington



Ph: 09 574 3350

Fax: 09 527 4513


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Thanks for that info, I keep learning new stuff every day. The ecostore products that contain wheat products are:

Baby Shampoo (has wheat protein)

Sunscreen (wheatgerm oil)

Manuka & Kelp bar soap (wheatgerm oil)

Insect repellant (wheatgerm oil)

Baby Soap (wheatgerm oil)

Hand cleaner

Flee Flea for pets




Wholesale Customer Service

Ph: 09.360.8477 x2

Fax: 09.912.1790


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I have been forwarded your request in regards to Gluten (mixture of proteins from wheat) in Dermalogica products. It will be much simpler for me to list the retail products that do contain any wheat derivatives than those that do not.

Retail Products that contain Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein include:

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Dear Julie

Thank you for your email. The only products in the Revlon range that have Gluten derivatives are MoistureStay Lipcolor and Age Defying Makeup.

How this is helpful.


Lynne Ross

Consumer Information Centre


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