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Cross Contamination Even After The Dishwasher?

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We have a few boxes of regular pasta left over and my husband made some for himself a few days ago. We put the strainer through the dishwasher and when I took it out it seemed clean. I made some rice pasta for myself yesterday and today I feel awful. I keep thinking it must be my imagination since we did put the strainer through the dishwasher. There were no strands of pasta or anything like that left on the strainer. Is gluten that resiliant? :)

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I would use a new strainer for the gluten-free pasta. You've probably used the old one multiple times for regular pasta and the gluten is snuggled into every single available crevice. ( I still use my old strainer for rinsing veggies in cold water).

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It's very likely you got sick form stubborn gluten protein still clinging to the small holes in the collander. It's extremely difficult, if not impossible to get it all out.

I replaced mine, as well as all of my wooden utensils and cutting board. :)


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Gluten's very sticky, and strainers are *very* hard to clean well - even a good scrub (which a dishwasher won't do) would be suspect to me. Different strainers is definitely the way to go.

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