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How Long Until Relief?

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Our son has been gluten/soy/dairy free since Dec. 1. Unfortunately, he is not really progressing at all. His last blood work (Feb. 26), showed that his antibody titers were coming down, but he is still extremely disfunctional. He is in severe abdominal pain and has one to two bowel movements a week. He shuffles everywhere because it hurst so much to walk. I have written about him in other posts, but what we want and need to know is how long does it take to become more functional? Did many of you suffer for a long time, once going gluten free? In his case, his symptoms prior to diagnosis, were minimal, perhaps silent or non existent. We even think that the disease came on with a viral infection in October, and then got very bad. Blood work indicated malabsorption and very high antibodies (EMA and tTg). He is homozygous for the DQ2 gene, which we have read, may indicate the worse genotype for the disease. Does this mean that it will take longer to heal? Has or is anyone else progessing really slowly?

We are very interested in talking to others that responded slowly or not at all to gluten free, and getting suggestions on other paths and timelines we should consider.


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I just re-read your previous posts about your son.

He, being eight years old, and me being in my early 50's most likely will improve faster that an adult. I would assume that being on the restricted diet, that you should seem improvements soon. He has total villi blunting and that may take some time. Once the villi heal, you should see his other symptoms inprove as well.

It took me about six months to gain control. And I am no sure that I will every return to be 100%.

I hope you see improvement soon.


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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