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gluten-free Food And Other Products

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Hello All gluten-free Friends,

I e-mailed Bonne Belle for any thing gluten free because my daughter likes their lip stuff and this is what they sent back. I am a little confused about the strawberry flavoring part and vinegar. I will try to e-mail them again and ask if it is a malt vinegar. I do not think they know much about celiac disease - I just noticed quinoa and the others on there list.

Spoke to Paul the chemist at Bonne Bell and he said the information he has lists what they sent me in the e-mail. He at one point said that this is what people with gluten allergies/difficulties with digestion have told him and that is what he follows. I was getting a little annoyed, so I read from Dr. Green's book "celiac disease the Hidden Epidemic" p. 199, GRAINS THAT ARE SAFE. So I asked who updates the information. He does. So I asked if he will be updating the list and he said only if he has the information. I said "well, are you going to get the information." Long story short, he asked ME to send him what I read off.

This concerns me. Am I wrong for being concerned? I mean he is the chemist and he is just going to take my word for it?????

The list is still good, but they list grains that are friendly to people with celiac disease. Am I wrong???

Dear Jacqui,

Thank you for your recent inquiry to Bonne Bell. We are always glad to hear from our customers, and we want to help you in any way possible.

The following Bonne Bell, Inc. products can be used by people afflicted with Celiac disease. They do not contain any gluten containting grains:

wheat, barley, rye, oats, amaranth, teff, millet, spelt, and quinoa.

n 10-0-6 Lotions

n All Colognes

n Lip Lites

n Lip Enticements

n Lip Fashion

n Sponge-On Sparklers

n Shower 2000

n Lip Lix

n Lip Gear Lip Crayons

n Eye Shades

n No Shine Oil Control Makeup

n Lip Shades with SPF 15

n Lip Sheers

n Nail Lacquers

n Cosmic Cheeks

n Lash Tints

n Glimmer Gels

n Roll-On Lip Smacker Shiners and Shimmers

n Roll-On Glitter Gloss

n Lip Gear (Matte only)

n Lip Shox

n Eye D

IBS 1994


Hashimoto's auto immune disease


Celiac disease April 2006 - neuro symptoms I am assuming from celiac disease

HLA DQ 2 (celiac disease) and HLA DQ 6 (GS) either way my parents made sure I had something!



Daughter 6 y/o (5 at diagnosis) celiac disease via labs (all >100) and flattened biopsy. NO symptoms!!

Daughter 8 y/o with BM ="C" since birth and breast fed, osteopenia, SEVERE eczema up to 5 y/o, now on and off (-) via labs and biopsy. HLA DQ 2 and HLA DQ 8! and possibly ADHD.

Son 3 y/o also HLADQ2 AND DQ 8! Negative panel

Husband MEXICAN and he has DQ 8! His family refuses all and anything with celiac disease, same with his PCP!

"What doesn't kill us makes us stronger..." Right? I think that's the saying.

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