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Igg And Iga

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We are suspecting my son has another intolerance other than the ones from his Celiac. I read on line today that they can detect a casein intolerance through the IgG and IgA with an ELISA test. Well I dug out his test results from 2 years ago when he was tested for celiac and it said:

IgG 15.6 with normal being <10

IgA 1.1 with normal being < 10

TTG IgA 51.7 with normal being <10

My question is that the doctor had circled the TTG IgA as meaning Celiac was likely but what does the IgG mean? That was obviously high but it was never addressed with me as meaning anything so I assumed it went along with the Celiac. Does it have anything to do with milk or was I right to begin with?


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In the test that you posted it most likely is Anti-gliadin IgG & IgA (Immunoglobin G & Immunoglobin A). Meaning that he was reacting to gluten.

I think you can get the type of testing for casein that you are talking about done through Enterolab.


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techo asnwer

Actually it has a negative milk correlation....

IgA is transferred in breast milk wheras IgG is only transfered across the placental barrier once blood is transferred after several weeks...

celiac answer...

How that matters is pretty much unknown... the exact reason the TTG IgA is high but the IgA is low? could mean something but you would need a really good expert to say what? While this might be interesting the treatment is the same, a gluten-free diet...

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