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Normal In The Beginning?

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Hi --

Due to symptoms that you're all painfully familiar with, my daughter (17) has just in the last couple of weeks cut wheat and gluten out of her diet. We've made some goofs but in general the change has been pretty effective.

We're doing mostly naturally gluten-free foods supplemented by gluten-free versions of things like crackers and pretzels. Her stomach has calmed down enormously, her mood has lifted, she's feeling more rested, she hasn't had a single headache, she's even gained back a pound or two. However, her stomach still does hurt. She says it isn't even in the ballpark with the way it felt before but I notice her rubbing it unconciously so I know she's feeling something. Is that normal for awhile? Will her stomach eventually go back to just being another part of her body? Is there anything more we should be doing? Thanks,


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Has she also cut out milk products for a bit? The villi that are damaged with celiac are also responsible for helping to digest dairy products and also vitamin B12.

I would suggest she cut out the dairy for a bit and then after a couple of months symptom free add back in yogurt and hard cheeses and see if they are tolerated. If they are then add some soft cheeses, ice creams gluten-free of course etc with caution.

She will also benefit from gluten-free sublingual B12 and other certified gluten-free vitamin supplements.

It does take a while to heal, and if she should take any antiacids make sure you call the maker to make sure they are gluten-free. One thing that I found that helps with stomach pain is good old pepto bismal. It works fast, is gluten-free and has no side effects other than darkening the stool.

I hope she gets complete relief soon, it takes awhile to get damage and unfortunately it also takes a bit to heal. Make sure you are also well of aware of cross contamination issues and also gluten in makeup, lotions, shampoos, pet foods, craft items etc.

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