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Vaginal Discharge When Off gluten-free Diet?

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hey here's a fun topic, vaginal discharge, im on day 3 of my gluten challenge was on gluten-free diet for 2 months and feeling better but doc has told me to go off for a week or 2 and see how i feel, anyways one thing that im noticing is a marked difference, im having a white chalky discharge, and and times the mucas (like when your about to ovulate) now the funny thing is ive had a hysterectomy a year ago, so no ovulation happening around here! :lol: any thoughts on this, thanks in advance


mom of 4 great kids - 2 diagnosed with autism and 2 typical kids (thank goodness)

all this started after my hysterectomy in March of 2006

G.F. since Feb 2007

Soy free since April 2007

Blood work was negatvie (after 2 weeks of being on the gluten-free diet)

entrolab results:

Antigliadin 9 (normal <10)

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 - 0302

HLA-DQB2 Allele 2 - 0502

HLA-DQ 3,1 (subtype 8,5)

carrying one celiac gene and one gluten intolerant gene

nurse at entrolab figures i caught this early and dont eat gluten anymore

life is like a box of chocolates;sometimes you get stuck with the yukky coconut fillet one

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