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Feeling bad (what Else Is New)

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Armour Thyroid is available in USA and around the world - sometimes under a different brand name. Its always been available. Its just that when the synthetics were discovered and made mid 60s - there was a big marketing push for them to be #1. Its not necessarily the best for some people but its good for the companies that make them ;) Dosing isn't that hard and many of the Thyroid sites can assist you if your Dr is a bit unsure. Most Drs have no training re Armour so its all new to them , and they are hesitant. Sometimes you have to help them a little ....

Diagnosed May 2006 - Hashimotos Thyroid after being diagnosed in 1977 and told it didn't matter.

Diagnosed June 2006 with adrenal insufficiency.

Diagnosed June 2006 as Gluten Intolerant after I failed the Challenge Diet. Negative blood test.No biopsy.

Diagnosed June 2006 as B12 low. Needed weekly injections for a year.Still have them every 2 weeks.

Trialled Dairy Free Diet and reacted positively to that challenge in January 07.

News Flash! Coeliac Genetic Testing done April 08 . DQ2 Positive !

Diagnosed July 2010 FODMAP. Limits on Fructose, lactose, polyols, fructans. NO ONION! But I can have hard cheese, butter and cream again!!!

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THanks so much. I'm glad you're feeling better!! & I'll definately find the book. I'm pretty desperate to start feeling betterfast. i'm trying to stop smoking too, which is hard right now (when i'm hungry and my stomach hurts so i can't eat i just smoke instead..terrible,i'm trying desperately to quit) but anyway, no beer for me. That's actually the thing that prompted me finding out about everything, I got really really really sick last summer after drinking.

You know what lucky? This may sound really strange, but I think you should stop worrying about quitting smoking for now. Give yourself a break. You've just lost a bunch of food in your diet, (and it really is a LOSS) and now you have to deal with your thyroid being imbalanced. I don't know much about thyroid disease, I don't know if smoking affects it, but I would advise one thing at a time. You're putting way too much stress on your emotions, you should only give up one thing at a time. I would say that once your thyroid has been under control for at least three months, then try quitting. I had to quit smoking too, it's impossible if you're also figuring out what's safe to eat for dinner!

If you're going through hell, keep going. ~Winston Churchill

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LOL true. well i'm not leaving him alone till he gives me it, and if anything i'll just order it and the hell with him. The thing about your weight, i see that you had your gallbladder removed. I know that it's especially difficult to lose weight when you don't have a gall bladder so that might also be the cause.

Dear luckygfme,

Really, having your gallbladder out makes it difficult to lose weight? I wonder why that is. That is weird. Maybe I should do some research and see if I can find anything. Maybe if it is the cause, perhaps it is due to not being able to digest fat properly. I was actually losing some weight after the surgery, but then had trouble losing it later. At one point prior to the surgery, I looked anorexic I got so thin. I got down to 84 pounds while in the hospital. My eating habits were not much different from what they are now. Of course, I know I have Candida, and that makes losing weight nearly impossible for many people.

Dear georgie,

We really appreciate the info for the Armour Thyroid stuff. All natural has such a nice ring to it! I am so tired of my Thyroid being overactive, then underactive. You have to keep going and getting tests done. It is expensive, and rediculous.




Strawberry Allergy, mold allergy, dustmites allergy, ragweed allergy, dust allergy, food dye allergy - 1985

Asthma - 1994

Ovarian Cyst - May 1999

Anemia - 2000

4 More Ovarian Cysts - March 2000

Bloodwork for Celiac - November 2000 negative

Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Intercolisis, Gastric Emptying Study - May and June 2001 negative biopsy

Fibromyalgia - June 2001

IBS - June 2001

Gallbladder Removal - July 28, 2003 after doctor said the tests showed nothing, so it was not gallbladder disease. It was very inflamed and irritated and nearly ruptured the surgeon told me at my 10 day post-op check-up.

Thyroid Disease - August 2004

Celiac Disease - March 2007 Current Dr. refers to me as Celiac, as she says blood tests are often inaccurate.

Official Purple Glittery Bat Keeper, District Attorney, and Chinese Restaurant Owner of The Silver Dragon of Rachelville

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