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Positive Blood Test

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After the birth of my last baby, I started having horrible abdominal pain, migraines, nausea, diarrhea, low wbc count and anemia. I was diagnosed with gallbladder disease and they removed my gallbladder; however, one week after they removed my gallbladder, I was having the same symptoms. These symptoms have been going on for over two years so my father mentioned celiac disease (his uncle and his family have wheat allergies) and that I should get tested.

So I went to my dr. and they did blood tests, I am not sure which blood tests that they did. My dr. called and said I tested positive for antibodies and that I needed to go back to my gastroenterologist to explain the results, but not to go on a gluten free diet.

Does anyone know what this means? Or do I just not have enough information?

Thank you,


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