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is pop secret microwave popcorn gluten free?


Well, as I don't eat Pop Secret I don't really know. I have eaten a bag of Pop Weaver Extra Butter five days a week for several months and haven't had any kind of reaction that I can tell. Plus there is no mention of wheat in the ingredients. It warns about containing milk ingredients and being manufactured in a facility that handles peanuts and tree nuts. To me that doesn't sound like wheat gluten. It has natural and artificial flavors and color added, but I don't think there's any wheat gluten in that either (but that's just my assumption).

Oh, I just did a search on Google.com for Pop Secret. Here's the result.


It is a General Mills product. There are 20 varieties. None list any wheat ingredients, warns of wheat, or mentions being processed in a facility that handles wheat. If you click on each product, you will see a picture of the box and the ingredients. If you look at all 20, you will see that the two Cheddars contain MSG, considered by some to be a toxic poison (but apparently taste delicious with cheese, salt, butter, and oil).

best regards, lm

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