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Getting A Blood Test Today

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I am meeting with the doctor this morning to get a blood test. How long ago do I have to have eatten gluten for the antibodies to show up on the test? I am concerned because I had TONS of gluten in the past week, especially on saturday, which confirmed to me that I have a gluten-intolerance/celiacs when I felt horrible on Sunday, but have tried to avoid it since then. Will the antibodies still be in my system 48 hours after last eating it?


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I also went today and had my blood test completed. It is my allergy doctor that is testing me. I was explaining to her about how I felt after I ate certain foods when she told me about this disease. My allergy test was positive for wheat. I really don't know if I have this condition, but in reading other entries it sure seems like a mirror image of what I'm going through.

Here are some of my symptoms.

Very loose BM



Can't sleep all night - wake up and have a hard time going back to sleep

Stomach aches/pains

Terrible bloating/ gas

Cracks in the side of my mouth (which I have never had before)

I'm 28, and seem to become a problem after having my daughter. Even if my test comes back negative I'm thinking of going to gluten-free foods to see if it helps me. I also have thyroid disease; I was diagnosed when I was 12. Just wonder if anyone has any thoughts.

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