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gluten-free Mineral/natural Cosmetics

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As I'm still rather new here (and to the gluten-free lifestyle), I hesitate to throw my opinions on different products into the mix (especially food). However, having read through many posts on this topic, I've learned that many of you are constantly on the lookout for great gluten-free bodycare and cosmetics. And it is here that I believe I can recommend a line of cosmetics worth looking into:


I had been using this brand happily before going gluten-free (mostly the lipsticks and lip glazes - but I've sampled the foundations, eyeshadows and blushes, as well) and I thought I'd recommend it to anyone looking for gluten-free cosmetics, especially those who prefer mineral/natural makeup, once I'd contacted the company about the ingredients they use. The response I got (directly from the head of the company, I believe - and whose mother is herself a celiac) is that all of their products are safe to use. Here is a portion of her response:

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