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Going To Disney World In June!

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I am so glad to read about everyone's great experiences at Disney! I will be there this June for a week, and frankly was a little worried about the food.

Is there a way to notify Disney before we get there? Or do you just mention you need gluten free at the resteraunts?

This is really so exciting.

Thanks in advance.





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If you PM me your e-mail address I will send you my lists for eating in the parks at Disney. I have a really good list.


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In every park in Disney, including Downtown Disney, you can get something gluten free. The only time you need to call ahead is if you are making reservations someplace, like for a character breakfast, lunch etc, or at any restaurant that you would make reservations, call now to do it if you want them.. and mention to them at the time of reservations.. they note it on your reservation, and when you get there, the restaurant is all ready for you.. of course remention it when you arrive. There service is superb to put it mildly.

Can you tell I am a huge Disney fan?

At almost any place in all parks you can get something gluten free, except at the restaurant at Cinderellas Castle, in the Magic Kingdom, all that food is made way in advance not a good chance they will be able to do something, not that it isnt possible, you would have to call to find out.

All the fast food stands are educated on what you can have that is gluten free, if you have any problems, just speak to the manager of that particular place and they will take care of you..

The one place I never go hungry.. Disney World.. we will be there again in October!!

have a great trip!


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