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Gluten Free Pizza Crust

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OH MY GOODNESS! I had pizza tonight and it actually tasted like PIZZA!!! If you get the chance, and you like pizza try this recipe...

Recipe Zaar Gluten Free Pizza Crust

My only suggestion is to bake the crust alone for longer than the 10 minutes they recommend. I'd bake it for 20 THEN add the toppings and bake for 15 minutes.


If you miss pizza like I do, you'll like this recipe.

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I know exactly how you feel! I too was so thrilled to be given a similar pizza crust recipe and posted here how thrilled I was to finally be able to have pizza again, after many failed attempts at other pizza crust recipes!

Your recipe is very similar to the one I use, so I can vouch how perfecto it turns out!!!

I don't like crispy crust, I like foldable floppy non-crispy crust, so I just prebake my crust for the 10 minutes!

I tried prebaking for the 20 minutes once, and it turned out crispy and foldable (New York Style crust), and my son likes it both ways, but I just do the 10 minutes prebake now for non-crispy!

So many of us are just thrilled to finally have pizza again!!! Hallelujah!!! Thanks for posting this recipe so more will see that yes, it's possible to enjoy a great pizza again!!

Best wishes!

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