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Gluten Intoleranc Eandthyroid Antibodies

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I would like to know how manu of you have been diagnosed with Gluten Intolerance through a Saliva test or self diagnosed? Also who have Thyroid anti bodies and adrenal stress? Thats what i have? And if so what are you doing to eliminate these problems? Do you become very sick if you eat gluten? i don't i have heartburn, joint pain some dizzines, light headed, but not violently ill, and it can also be contributed to the thyroid like the cold hands and feet, and always cold. Use to get mouth ulcer but haven't for a while..Also lost 70%ofhair thyroid or gluten?I have heard people say once on the gluten diet all this goes away, but i hav heard some people say it does not!!thyroid is different.

Also i'm a little confussed about the product info...Can not have Vit. E at all or only in cosmetics? how about wheat protien in shampoo? THanks for all the info...

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