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Jess LeGrand

Communion Wafers!

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I've dabbled in Wiccan myself, I say dabbled because I don't feel "Wiccan" and I don't know a whole lot. I understand the Basics, I've atteneded a few Coven rituals, and tried a few rituals on my own, but I think i'm missing that "a ha!" moment that makes me feel like this is what I'm looking for. I actually feel alot like you, being raised Christian has ingrained so much into me, I can't just shut it off. I love the concepts, spirtiualty, freedom and the individuality of wicca, but still cling to the basics of christianity.

The first coven ritual I was involved with, we drank mead and ate banna nut muffins! (this was before I was dx'd). It was amazing!

Dear SunnyDyRain,

I have been practicing Wicca for four and a half years now. I invoke God and The Virgin Mary as the God and Goddess. Did you know there was Christian folk magic at one time? It ended due to the massive murders during the Burning Times. It was funny how I got into Wicca. I received a Pyramid Collection catalog. I saw the Witchcraft stuff in it, including the Witches' hippocratic oath of "Harm None." I was always taught Witches were evil, sold their soul to the devil, etc. I had to learn more! So, I began reading books, and I thought this was a good thing for me. I was unsure, though. I asked God, "If this is what you want me to do, send me a sign!" Sure, enough, he sent three! You cannot mistake a sign from Him. He is very clear. Other people say this is rediculous, but God seems to want me to do this. I believe he has a special path for us all. My father is more supportive than my mother. My mother is afraid for me to do rituals because she has this absurd notion that demons will start popping up out of nowhere! :lol: I told her, your intentions being good will never attract or summon one. It appears she is the one who does not have much faith. If she did, she would believe God would protect her from that. The feeling I got when I consecrated my tools was amazing! There was this beautiful peacefulness and energy that I never felt before. I think the only other time I felt that was when I was saved at a Carmen concert. I am a solitary practitioner, because I do not know of any others who have my beliefs with Christianity and Wicca combined around here.




Strawberry Allergy, mold allergy, dustmites allergy, ragweed allergy, dust allergy, food dye allergy - 1985

Asthma - 1994

Ovarian Cyst - May 1999

Anemia - 2000

4 More Ovarian Cysts - March 2000

Bloodwork for Celiac - November 2000 negative

Colonoscopy, Endoscopy, Intercolisis, Gastric Emptying Study - May and June 2001 negative biopsy

Fibromyalgia - June 2001

IBS - June 2001

Gallbladder Removal - July 28, 2003 after doctor said the tests showed nothing, so it was not gallbladder disease. It was very inflamed and irritated and nearly ruptured the surgeon told me at my 10 day post-op check-up.

Thyroid Disease - August 2004

Celiac Disease - March 2007 Current Dr. refers to me as Celiac, as she says blood tests are often inaccurate.

Official Purple Glittery Bat Keeper, District Attorney, and Chinese Restaurant Owner of The Silver Dragon of Rachelville

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This is getting a little bit off topic as it is about "Communion Wafers".

A new thread would be appropriate on the "Gab/Chat Forum", with no offense to anyone or any discussion, but it is veering away from the originality of the thread.


Gluten Free - August 15, 2004

"Not all who wander are lost" - JRR Tolkien

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