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Hypoglycemia And Celiac Disease

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I stopped at the bookstore last night, and saw a book that caught my eye. The "Idiot's Guide to Hypoglycemia"...I've been struggling w/ my hypoglycemia lately, when to eat, not eating enough, etc. So I thought I would browse it for a minute. There was a whole section about related disorders, and they said that there's a direct link between hypoglycemia and Celiac Disease. They even said that Celiac Disease is the most common food intolerance :)

Now I really wonder...I was dx'ed w/ hypoglycemia when I was 8. I've always had a "sensitive gut" but it didn't unbearably bad until a few years ago. I wonder if I was just gluten sensitive, or if I had mild celiac disease. When I was dx'ed w/ celiac disease, I had only mild malnourishment effects. So, what was it all those years? I remember almost every time I went out to eat w/ my family growing up, I would spend the rest of the night on the toilet. I thought it was just greasy/fried foods. I ate a lot of wheat bread, b/c of the hypoglycemia.

......I suppose it's one of those question's I will have to ask God someday......

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