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I have a good one. I have always worn glasses, since second grade. My vision is so poor that without my glasses, I literally can't walk around unfamiliar places without assistance. One day I went to go look for my glasses, spent about five minutes frantically searching, AND THEY WERE ON MY FACE. Yeah. I know what you mean about the brain fog.....

I also had some back pain issues, Susie, but I actually found that it went away the more exercise I got, so it's probably different than your 'normal' back pain. I had it in the upper back too, which is unusual. I also feel more energetic when I eat lots of eggs. If you tolerate them, organic or cage free eggs are a very good source of energy and vitamins, as long as you eat the yolk. MY favorite is scrambled eggs with cheese and diced tomato and avocado. It works if you take out any of the ingredients too, like no cheese or no avocado. It's a really nice easy dinner. I eat eggs five days a week usually and I've never felt better.


I've done the look for the glasses thing with them on my face, too.

My entire back hurts from the neck down, including upper back. I think that pain is part of the reason I am so tired and physically exhaused. I do try to do water aerobics and swimming twice a week at least. That helps. Sometimes eggs agree with me and sometimes not.

I truly haven't tried them since going gluten-free since my last experience with eggs wasn't the best. I will try again, though, and thanks for all the advice.

mm&j (Susie)

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My back and hips were so painful I could barely walk. When I found out about celiac I had been planning on asking my doctor how to go about applying for a handicaped placard for my car because just walking across a parking lot had me in tears. After I went gluten-free it went away. Poof! Now the only time I have pain is when I've been glutened or if I actually injured myself.

Being in chronic pain messes with your sleep. You never quite get a good night's rest, so you're tired all the time. It also interferes with your bodies regenerative time while you sleep.

Going gluten-free is different for everyone. Some people see significant improvement within days. For others it can take months.

I hope you feel better soon.


The person who says it cannot be done should not interrupt the person who is doing it.

~Chinese Proverb

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I have another brainfog moment today:

When i got up this morning i had my watch on my bed and half an hour later I was looking for it and couldnt find it. I wasted like 20 minutes looking for it and then i look in my schoolbag and its in there. I honestly don't remember placing it there at all :blink::ph34r:

~ Lisa ~

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