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Different Symptyoms Since Going Gluten Free..but Better In Myself If That Makes Sense..

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Hi peeps...

Right been on gluten-free 1 weeks and 3 days since biopsy since I feel better in myself bit more positive etc..


When I wake up i never feel like I wake up properly I was getting fatigue before gluten-free but IO had so many symptoms may be I didnt notice it then i dont know..or may be its withdrawal from other diet or just that theres not enough fibre in our gluten-free diet so we end up toxic from the big C...


I wake up tiered..with red eyes and as teh day goes on it gets worse but my whole body feels like its got led weights on and I cant think..couldnt even do the alaphabet last week in my new job which isnt good at all..


Also I still have bloating nothing like it was but still bloated but I am still haveing to do candida diet so could it be the candida? Or do you think the new diet has made us constipated which is why we bloat still? or takes time for bloat to go as we heal? Or maybe its to do with Thyroid as I have read you can get bloated


Yesturday I had really bad dizzy spells all day and just couldnt function it was awful..and my eyes were so blood shot all day..I did go to the gym the night before may be that contributes to the fatigue a bit but I used to train for competitions and i am doing nothing now compared to what I used to as I am fatigued all the time. (I do 25 mins cardio 3 times a week and some light weights to keep my fitness at a reasonable level until I a m fully recovered)..

DRY HAIR & BREAKING cold etc...

Doctor has just sent of blood work for thyroid test so may be thats why I am getting fatigue as I think Iam easting plenty..

I have rice with fish for breaky

Rice with salad fish at lunch

Meat or fish with loads of veg in the evening


Vit B's



2 litred of water a day

I was constipated the other day took mil par (hope that was okay dont know) and after going to th loo fely a little bit more enegergised the next day so may being toxic doesnt help..

The main thing that getting me down is my bloat and fatigue...I dont care if I have to live on baked beans for life just want to be normal...

xxMand :blink:

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Hello Mandy and Welcome!

If you have only been gluten free for 10 days, give it some more time. It can take up two years for the body to fully heal, depending on the extent of the damage. It takes me 10 days to recover from an accidental glutening. There is also a withdrawal/adjustment period-the time varies for everyone.

You also mentioned constipation a couple of times and lack of fiber. The gluten free diet actually allows for an extremely high fiber diet. Instead of rice, try fruit and vegetables-they have the fiber nature intended for us to eat. Rice is great, but even if you are eating brown, a 1/2 cup only has 3 grams of fiber. I log all of my food to make sure that I don't overeat (because I am ALWAYS hungry and to make sure I have enough fiber and carbs, as I am also an athlete) Also, make sure your supplements and personal care products are gluten free.

I discovered after I went gluten free, that there are several things I cannot tolerate and they cause me to bloat up and retain water. Mainly cassien and soy. It feels like it is constant trial and error.

The dry breaking hair, cold could be thyroid, but could be from malabsorption. I tend to lose a lot of hair when I am glutened.

I take from your post that you are from across the big pond. Is the fish for breakfast like what I think of as fish-tilapia, salmon etc? If so, wow you are better than me. I can only tolerate traditional breakfast food for breakfast ;) Eggs, banana's gluten free pancakes

Again, Welcome.


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