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Glutened I Think At Subway? 8-12 Hour Turnaround Time

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ugh so i think i did it again, me and my hubby went to subway for lunch yesterday, i ordered the club salad with honey mustard dressing. had the girl use clean gloves and knife. i have eaten at subway with no problems a couple of times, got up this morning and my tounge was slightly swollen which tells me i had soy some where, then i ate breakfast and the stomach pain started and so did the D, that smelly awfull stuff. so i look to see what ive eaten thats new, i had some peppercorn gouda last night before bed, bio best yogurt with breakfast this morning, and the salad yesterday. will be dammed if the dressing dosnt have gluten and soy in it. ARGGGGGG!!! anyone had this? does anyone else have this delayed reaction like this? some times i get this right away like a couple of weeks ago when i ate mcdonalds fries for the last time but some times its 12 hourse. have a great day everyone,


mom of 4 great kids - 2 diagnosed with autism and 2 typical kids (thank goodness)

all this started after my hysterectomy in March of 2006

G.F. since Feb 2007

Soy free since April 2007

Blood work was negatvie (after 2 weeks of being on the gluten-free diet)

entrolab results:

Antigliadin 9 (normal <10)

HLA-DQB1 Allele 1 - 0302

HLA-DQB2 Allele 2 - 0502

HLA-DQ 3,1 (subtype 8,5)

carrying one celiac gene and one gluten intolerant gene

nurse at entrolab figures i caught this early and dont eat gluten anymore

life is like a box of chocolates;sometimes you get stuck with the yukky coconut fillet one

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Sorry you're sick. I don't think I'd eat anything at Subway except the chips or soda. Even if the server changes gloves, the salad ingredients are in such close proximity to wheat products that I'd be super nervous.

Gluten-Free since September 15, 2005.

Peanut-Free since July 2006.

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