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It Scares Me

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My nine year old son has had stomach problems his entire life. ( I mean that as he was hospitalized at 2 weeks old due to it.) Recently we have began to run tests due to a severe increase in symptoms and the fact that he was 5 lbs underweight. Two biopsies showed nothing( I got these results over the phone) Several blood tests 1 of which was for celiacs showed slightly elevated levels of something but they wanted to do another test in order to decide to go back in and do a biopsy of the small intestine because thay did not think to do so the 1st time.(got these results over the phone) Now I am supposed to get the results of said bloodwork and after 3 days of trying and getting awnry about it they are telling me that I have to see the doctor next week to get these results because the regular nurse cannot obtain the results(It is an office shared be several spacialties and my sons doc has his own nurse) This scares me.This tells me that something is wrong for sure and they just do not want to tell me over the phone.

My question is, Am I validated in feeling like this or am I just overworried for nothing?

Please help!!!!

Ps. My name is only drmom2 because I have been through so much that when my friends kids are sick they see me before they do anything.

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try not to panic - easier said than done. I have been through so much with my kids - I know the anxiety you speak of!

They may not want to give results over the phone for a number of reasons. A nurse who is familiar with your son should be the one to deliver the results. If the results are positive, they would want to tell you in an office setting because you would have a number of questions. If the results were negative, the doctor may need some time to decide the next step and be able to give you clear direction when you come in person.

I have run into both scenarios.

Often if a child has had an ongoing issue and investigations aren't conclusive - it is not unusual for them to request an office visit to discuss results. They then find out if any new symptoms have occured etc.

Hope I have been of some help.

Good Luck and let us know what happens.


Type 1 diabetes - 1986

hypothyroid -1993

pernicious anemia

premature atrial beats



daughter is: age 15

central hypotonia and developmental delay

balance issues (rides an adult 3 wheel bike)

hypothyroid 1996

dermatographia - a form of angioedema 2002

celiac 2004 - by endoscopy

diagnosed Aspergers at age 7 - responded very well (HUGE difference) to gluten-free diet

recovered from Kawasaki (2003)

lactose intolerant - figured out in Oct/06

Gilberts syndrome (April/07)

allergy to stinging insects

scoliosis Jan 2008

nightshade intolerance - figured out April 2008

allergy to Sulfa antibiotics

son is 13

type 1 diabetic - 2003 diagnosed on his 9th birthday

celiac - 2004 by endoscopy

lactose intolerant - figured out Nov/06

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At one point, my doctor insisted that I come in to get my test results, too, even though I tried hard to talk them into giving me the results on the phone. It ended up being a five minute office visit where she told me my test results all were normal. (It was a pain for me, but she billed the insurance company hundreds of dollars.) The only time I've been able to talk her into giving me test results over the phone was when I needed them for another doctor.

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